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Dr Leinweber began her career as a laboratory scientist. She's been a microbiologist, a toxicologist, a protein biochemist, and so on. Much of her career was devoted to specialized assay development. Dr Leinweber's career took a turn when she joined forces with Sanjay and the crew at Ignyta in creating some very popular satellite websites. She received her new calling as a web based educator and will help you tell the world why your service or product is better than the rest in a manner that is both educational and entertaining. If a new papers appear in the peer reviewed literature that support the value of your product or service, Dr Leinweber wants to explain this peer reviewed work in a manner that scientists and well motivated lay people can understand. If you have new developments in your product/service, Dr Leinweber wants to work with you to let the world know.


Scott came to USA in 2004 with an MD degree and starting a new path in life. He has Explored diverse medical fields like general surgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology, and nephrology in both inpatient and outpatient hospital settings while getting more experience with medical devices and medication. Scott spend some time gaining clinical research experience in NIH funded program at University of Arizona. Since last 16 years he has accumulating vast experience in clinical research and medicine, working closely with the committed research team, healthcare providers, and their patients. With a medical degree under belt and experience working in many hospitals, Scott understands exactly how instruments are used to help patients.


Rashmil is our senior web developer and is passionate about creating professional websites. With a degree in computer sciences, she has 7+ years of experience in design & development of various types of websites. Custom coding, theme development to full marketplace solution for e-commerce sites, Rashmil can provide perfect solution to client needs. She is well versed in development of membership sites, social networking sites and various media management platforms, like hoot suite, Pardot and account based marketing tools like Marketo. She is also our go to large data management & warehousing expert.


Sanjay coordinates the team of scientists to work on various aspects of CSW (Clinical Science Writers). His role is in Business development, liaising with customers and focussing on rendering the best service. He has 10+ years of experience as a developer with Various CMS, shopping cart websites, and a real world marketing experience for retail and online selling. He enjoys developing scientific websites for biotech companies for impactfull marketing and Brand identity. Sanjay earned his Masters in Biotechnology and PhD in Molecular Biology in India and moved to USA for his post-doc in endocrinology focussed on prostate related cancers. He is well versed in lab techniques and instruments related to molecular biology, genetic engineereing, cancer biology and mice neonatal lung physiology. He has experience setting up laboratories from scratch, buying equipments, designing lab space etc. Helping and Training under graduate and graduate students in the lab was a passion for Sanjay.