Awareness of Clinical Trials

Awareness of Clinical Trials

The focus of Awareness of Clinical Trials campaign should be to advocate for consideration of participation, rather than to encourage participation.

Multiple governmental and private institutions agree that the delay in recruiting the volunteers for clinical trials is the main cause of the clinical trials increasing costs.

It is essential to understand that the modern American society is getting a lot of their info via internet or online. In the case of the clinical research, there is no exception. In 2017 survey said most of the people hear about clinical trials from Internet or online (53%).

People get the information about clinical trials from their doctors (60%) and online (57%). The main reason that individuals don’t participate in clinical trials was that of not being aware and lack of information (53% to 65%).

Survey of Clinical Trial Awareness and Attitudes (by SubjectWell) states more then 50% of people never heard of the Clinical Trials and more then 30% of people not sure how they are qualified for the clinical trial or what to do to if they want to enroll in one. One of the main conclusion was “Lack of awareness contributes to low confidence about participation”.

The most recent studies show a positive attitude about the clinical research but a lot can be done to improve that.

A very simple formula is given by The Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness:

Lack of Awareness = Lack of Participation = Delays & Higher Costs

Increased Awareness = Greater Participation = Patient Access to New Therapies